About WJT

About WJT

Vision and Philosophy

Safety first, quality priority.
Sincere service, customer satisfied and keep improving.
Innovation, teamwork and never give up.

Chairman's Message

Wan Jiun Technology Co., Ltd. has already been 35 years! I would like to thank all of our customers and friends who cooperate with us over the past decades. What makes Wan Jiun to be here is your fully trust and support, so thank you all very much.
Wan Jiun has been focusing on the related regulations investigation and explosion proof technology studies constantly. We imported accurate concepts of explosion proof and the latest explosion protection solutions from Germany, France, and Japan. All we do wholehearted is to improve the safety level of explosion proof. Wan Jiun Technology keeps the three essential aspects of the action basis, Triple Ex, to serve our new and old customers.

The first Ex is Expert.

The expertise consulting and suggestions for customers. The executive assistant, Samuel Yang has got the IECEx CoPC (Certificate of Personnel Competence) in early 2017. Furthermore, one of the international leading corporations of explosion protection, R.STAHL, Germany, will be our valuable repository as strong knowledge base.

The second Ex is Experience.

The richest experience. The vice general manager, David Hsu, and I both have the experience in the explosion proof industry for over 20 years. We are rich-experienced in field practice as well. Cooperating with R.STAHL, likewise, we provide the greatest services for all customers.

The third Ex is Execution.

The strongest business execution. All of the employees in the company provide services with high enthusiasm and efficiency to satisfy diverse customer needs. I expect that we can bring proper and accurate concepts of explosion proof into the explosion protection industry, make a breakthrough in practice, and work hard toward risk-free. Let us care and love for life together, protect our workers, colleagues, and dearest families.

Company Profile

Wan Jiun Technology Co., Ltd. has been a leasing importer and sales agent for all kinds of electrical & electronic components and devices in Taiwan since 1983. Especially we are the experts in hazardous area for IC plants, Chemical plants and Petrochemical plants.

We have more than 2,000 clients, such as petrochemical plants, drugs manufacturing factory, electronics factory, distillery, barn, military …etc. Because we always provide best services to our clients, we keep very good business relationship with them and let us sign the annual contract with the biggest petrochemical plant in Taiwan for Light Fittings, Control Stations and Cable Glands to meet their annual demands.
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