Ex Control Box & Panel
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STAHL 8146 Control Box

Series 8146/5

STAHL 8146 Control Box


Built-in 6A pushbutton, 6A illuminated pushbutton, 16A control switches, LED indicating lamp, ammeter and voltmeter etc.. with STAHL 8146.

For use in Zone 1, 2, 21, 22
Ex Protection Ex db e ia ib [ia Ga] mb op pr op is q IIA, IIB, IIC T6…T3 Gb
Ex tb IIIA, IIIB, IIIC T80°C…T130°C Db
Degree of protection IP 65
Certificates ITRI-Ex(2012)00089
PTB Certification
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Catalog Download: STAHL 8146 Control Box (1.1 MB)
  • Polyester resin, glass-fiber-reinforced, dark grey, similar to RAL 7024
  • Impact resistance ≧ 7 J
  • Surface resistance ≦ 109 Ω
  • Flame-resistant according to IEC/EN 60695, UL 94, ASTM D635
Product Features
  • 8 basic enclosure sizes with various enclosure heights.
  • The number of units installed depends on the size of the control station as well as on the space required for the built-in devices device.
  • Since there are so many possible combinations of components, every control station Series 8146 is designed and manufactured to order.
  • Options available with:     
    • - Flanges
    • - Cover hinges
    • - Flange enclosures
    • - Brass plates, Metal cable glands

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